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commissioned work for John Mattson Fastighetsföretagen AB
Designed together with Moa sjöberg

We created a folding bench made for the apartment house “U25”. It’s a residence for people in the ages between 18-29. When we got the assignment from John Mattson Fastighets AB. We started of discussing, how is it to live in a small space. Not just physically, but mentally as well. What do you need to feel good in this space. It is at this time our catchword for the project came to us, “Gemenskap” in Swedish which translates into English, being together witch people. Our goal was to create a place for people to meet in this 23sqm apartment. To live in a small place can be lonely. Especially if you are young and come from living at home with your parents. With a strong social environment. We don’t believe in loneliness, we want to create a opportunity for people to live a social life. Not restricted by space. The possibility to socialize at home, without hesitation. The idea with this dado is that you unfold the bench and invite your friends over for dinner at Saturday. Sunday morning you fold back one side of It, and extend the other one for your tv. To watch and episode of your favorite program from bed. Monday when you get back from work you fold the bench shut. Have a nice cup of tea and read a book with a view from the window.

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