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The City of Stockholm and other municipalities arrange temporary summer streets. There, the traffic can provide space for pedestrians and meeting places. In Stockholm, we then have the opportunity to establish temporary parks on parking spaces. Totally free! Vistas is a modular system that makes urban furniture simple, flexible and circular. The furniture is made of Swedish pine and consists of repetitive elements that are linked together. Vistas is adapted for seasonal furnishing of the city's streets and squares. Fully furnished and assembled, the surface is lifted into place and then takes up a parking pocket. During the winter, it is dismantled to take up minimal storage space. Which also makes it easy to maintain.


Vistas is based on the UN's goals for Agenda2030. The furniture contributes to sustainable consumption and production thanks to the choice of materials and the ability to separate these during source sorting and recycling. It is also well adapted for production and is cost-effective. Also adapted to reduce material waste during manufacture.

My hope is that Vistas can be a place where people can socialize without demands regardless of background. A place where relaxation, food and conversation are mixed. Which promotes community and serves as an extension of the home out into the summer city. It is an opportunity for municipalities and associations to furnish their urban spaces in a sustainable way.


Material: Pine!

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